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Blackbrook now has a rapidly growing number of mammals settles in, which include porcupines, Raccoons, Meerkats to Giant Marmots, Ring Tailed Lemurs, Capybaras and Guanacos. There are small Donkeys, South American Alpacas, mini Zebu Cattle at home in the kids' farm. The Pets Corner at Blackbrook houses Rabbits, Chipmunks, and many, many more. A much loved feature also is the aquarium because you can see the ferocious Piranhas, and Electric Eels.


A major new part of the zoo is Water, Webs & Wings which is a tropical house homing birds, fish, reptiles and insects, all in one building. The world�s largest species of pigeon, the Blue Crowned Pigeon from in Papua New Guinea can be seen here, and in the central ponds with its cascading waterfalls, several species of small sharks, large fish, piranhas, sting rays, lobsters and crabs can be seen. The exhibit also has twenty-foot long pythons, snakes, the aptly named Goliath bird-eating spider and plenty more.

Welcome to Blackbrook Zoo

Blackbrook Zoo

Blackbrook Zoo is a zoo in Leek, Staffordshire in the heart of England. On this site we discuss zoos and the beautiful area around Staffordshire.

Birds and waterfowl

Many rare species of birds are now in residency here, including the biggest collection of wildfowl to be seen in the United Kingdom. The swans and geese are of special interest and excel in the moorland weather. Around the area are several aviaries homing a rapidly increasing collection of softbills and pheasants.

A range of domestic Waterfowl are able to be seen, many of them award winners at big shows during the colder months. The Waterfowl vary from huge African Geese, to Indian Runner Ducks and small Call Ducks. There is a bird rearing place, where the funny antics of chicks and ducklings can be seen during the warmer months.

Exotic Birds

When you enter Blackbrook, you are welcomed by a wonderful display of colour from the Greater Flamingos. Also to be observed at Blackbrook is the biggest collection of Cranes and Storks in the United Kingdom along with Owls, Ibis, Kookaburras and many others. Some species are part of International Breeding Programs. A great new exhibit at Blackbrook is the vulture area which homes four of the world's species of vulture such as the massive Rupell's Vulture and the much less big North American Turkey Vulture. They have breeding success with the second one. Other newbies are the Cassowaries and Ostriches and a great collection of Sea Ducks.

Set in the Staffordshire Moorlands, Blackbrook Zoological Park has turned into a large and varied series of some of the rarest and most endangered species to be discovered in the world.

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